Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Breakdown featuring Exorbitance, Siberian Meat Grinder, and Wyruz!

Hey, it's the weekend! Let's start cranking up some killer thrash (death and crossover) bands that have recently caught my feeble-spanned attention.

The New York and Jersey areas have always housed great metal, and with bands like The Donner Party, Legionary, and even the legendary Overkill, I can't get enough!

Well the endless stream of harsh Northeastern metal continues to flow with EXORBITANCE, a band full of sickly-tight musicians who hammer out swirling melodic death metal. Can death metal be…beautiful? Oh, crap, I scared you off. Come back.

What I mean is that there are parts between the chunky, atmospheric guitar work and venomous vocals that wrap around songs so haunting and well-constructed. Yeah, it's bad-ass. The mix of thunderous anger and symphonic power contained within each song brings an aura of gravitas that could bring a tear to your eye.

Uh, that is, if you're a total puss. No tears here, though. METAL!

If you're a fan of melodic death metal, give Exorbitance a few minutes of your time, and if you like 'em, give them…well, MORE minutes of your time.

Check them out below and then hit them up here and here.

Let's jump over to Russia for some explosive crossover! SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER wield the weapons of hardcore punk and metal in their album Hail to the Tsar to obliterate with sonic barbs of pure aggression.

These guys aren't just another Municipal Waste or S.O.D. knock off. Yes, they are grounded with the roots of pure hardcore, but when S.M.G. whip out some left field jam riffs like in the song Chainsaw in the Dark and Laughing in Your Face, and use it to slam-worthy perfection, they succeed in building a sound all their own - and it's a sound that is freakin' exciting to listen to.

DAMN, Chainsaw in the Dark is absolutely KILLER. I'm telling' you.

Even the opening to the song Still in the Game is unconventional, and although it heads into a typical (yet bad-ass) blistering hardcore verse, when the all-out gang vocals kick into the chorus, the jubilant intensity makes you want to scream along with them.

So the good news is that Siberian Meat Grinder rocks. The even BETTER news is that they are offering their album as a free download! Dude, go download S.M.G.'s Hail to the Tsar here.

My God, I love this band!

For more traditional slant to the thrash genre, Norwegian metallers WYRUZ deliver the goods. These guys began as a band playing Metallica, Slayer, and Death covers, which to this day are apparent as influences in their songwriting. You can hear the aforementioned bands weaving throughout each of the songs on Wyruz's album Fire at Will.

Songs such as Dead World incorporate those influences very successfully. The song Eyes of Your Killer brandishes some fantastic rolling riffage, reminding me of some of the best aspects of EVILE's own handiwork.

Vocalist Vegar Larsen is clearly versed in old-school Hetfieldian, and uses that particular styling (with a mix of some death metal vocals) to each song's advantage.

Yes, I am doing a lot of comparing here, but I can't help it. Wyruz was obviously going for a specific sound, and for all intents and purposes, they achieved their goal. Is Fire at Will completely original? No, but it's still damn good thrash metal.

Check out the tune below and then meet with them on Facebook.

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