Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrash is thrash

The dude from Axis of Metal and Osiris Webzine (by the name of Fritz, I believe?) posted the following statement over at the Thrash Unlimited forums regarding the new wave of thrash.

"But as far as this whole new wave, and everyone saying they hate the worshiping bands; I hate to burst your bubble; thrash is thrash. It will always share that common sound we all love.

Personally, i like it that way. I like that the scene is prolific and bands make the beloved sound. It shares the same sound characteristics but the songs have unique riffs, different vocal styles etc. It's NOT all the same by any means. Some bands rip off completely the classic bands, where as others are influenced, you cant fault bands for sounding like the genre they play.

I cannot stand it when people hate on thrash bands because they play THRASH."

Well said. Take THAT, Lenny Troo Frasher!


  1. I literally just read that on TU! Good stuff!

  2. It is indeed fritz. Glad you agree! :D

  3. Just read that little statement of gold on TU. Well said. I hope I never have the amount of hate and displeasure in life that VB appears to have. Must have had a rough life growing up. The low self esteem is strong in that one Lenny......

  4. I know VB in real life, he's a cool guy. He just likes taking the piss.


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