Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: KK Street Bangers, Crisix, Dark Entropy, Exeloume

Does their name sound like a mid-80s NY rap group? Sure, but believe me that once you crank into a KK Street Bangers song, all thoughts of break dancing turn to neck snapping as their brand of raging thrash slams your calloused brain into jelly.

This is dirty pissed-off thrash metal that storms along like a truck with a bloodied grill, picking off unwary victims who are not ready for the chugging mosh-worthy riff attack! The simple, yet effective riff that starts off the tune Street Metal is built for headbanging. I freakin' love it!

The only problem might be the lack of real drums in the recording, but that is a minor quibble since it doesn't really take away from the fun and power of KK Street Bangers's kick ass songs.

Listen below and then hit them up on Facebook here.


A big shout-out to Zé Rodrigues for turning me on to this band! So hold your horns high, thrashers! Coming to you from Spain is CRISIX, a band that crushes with a metal onslaught of chunk, melody, gallops, killer solos, and throat-tearing screams. When their song Ultra Thrash kicks in and starts raging, I imagine the wall plaster start to crack and tumble while the weak-eared parents in the next room are covering their ears while yelling, "What the hell is going ON?!?"

As a metal head, if you need to strengthen your neck muscles, Crisix is the perfect headbanger's workout band. Do some warmup stretches, check out the tune below, and try not to strain your neck.

Facebook them here.


Listening to a band as talented and musically kick-ass as Dark Entropy is a bit frustrating at times. The music that this Illinois thrash band brings to the table is tight, heavy, and worthy of praise. Richard Spoo is a helluva drummer and the guitars of Matt Schering and Mike Maskas are chugging machines of fury.

However, the frustration lies with vocalist Rob Peto's delivery. Too many times he follows the rhythm of the drum or guitar riff. This practice would be fine in small doses, but the amount he mimics the rhythm kills any use of vocal dynamics and frankly becomes a bit distracting (such as in the chorus for Enlisted Suicide and throughout Sins of Our Fathers).

However, Peto's voice is more than capable to front a metal band. I would just like to hear him not adhere his delivery so much on the rhythm and instead use his vocals as another instrument that glides with the music and not just stick on top of it.

To say that Dark Entropy has potential is an understatement. Even with the problems I have with the vocal delivery, the band is still bad-ass. I'm definitely going to follow and keep my ears open to these guys and I'm anxious to see what they will crank out in the future.

Give them a listen below and then look into them over at Facebook.


I've seen the Ed Repka cover to Exeloume's album Fairytale of Perversion many time and have always meant to check them out. However, with hundreds of bands scattered around the woodwork, it's easy to pass over many worthy bands. And that sucks, man.

Recently, this Norwegian band was brought back to my attention, and I promptly hit the web to check out their goods. Damn, I HATE missing out on killer bands! To think that Exeloume was floating around all this time without damaging my thrash-hardened ears is disgraceful. I'll make up for that now.

Exeloume's brand of deathrash destroys with sweeping dynamics, hard hitting riffs, and blazing solos. Taking unpredictable turns, the music can dig into the depths of anger, to uplifting wonder, and then to utter chaos, bringing a sense of excitement to the musical journey Exelmoume leads us on.

Check out the tunes below and then follow them here.

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