Monday, February 20, 2012


Holy CRAP!

When taking metal music into consideration, there is heavy and then there is sh*t-ton of bloodied bricks HEAVY.

Enter Indonesia's T.K.R. (tengkorak rusuh), a band that hammers out some of the heaviest modern thrash I've heard in a while. The band's formula is rather simple, which is take a stripped down gallop riff, use mid-tempo dynamics on it, and top it with some killer death-like rhythmic vocals. It's not too far off from what Soulfly has done, that is if Soulfly added a giant-sized sledge hammer made of thrash and blood to cave in your freaking SKULL.

Fans of bands such as Sworn Amongst and HeadCrusher take note. P.K.R. uses the tools offered up by modern thrash riffage and production to create music that is both catchy and heavy enough to make you stomp a hole in the floor.

Listen below and then Faceook them here!



1 comment:

  1. A little too groove oriented for me


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