Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Strike Master, BlackRider, Revtend, and Rezistor

A big thanks to Simio Belico for sending Mexico's STRIKE MASTER my way. Strike Master's thrash is aggressive, pissed, and hits like a whirlwind of clenched, bloodied fists. Each song is tight, well played chaos with speedy riffs and venomous vocals which all contibute to a frenzied sound that literally rages non-stop.

Check out the song Rabid Abstraction below. The tempo dynamics and the extremely small but effective use of gang vocals between 1:04 and 1:25 make me want to own everything they have ever recorded. Check out their Facebook page here.

Another thrash band from Mexico, BlackRider plays thrash that might not be reinventing the wheel, but has the charm of a gritty grindhouse film. After hearing a few songs off their Waves of Destruction album, I kept seeking these guys out online, streaming their harsh brand of adrinaline-filled Mexican metal. Although the recording sounds like it was stuck in a can and beat with a stick, fans of old-school thrash will probably enjoy it even more, soaking in the nostolgia of killer music on crappy sounding demos. Listening to BlackRider is like revisiting one of those old, scary carnival rides that was fun when you were young, and even though it is now weathered with a bit of rust, you could still get in and enjoy the ride.

Bottom line: BlackRider slams with some fun and aggressive thrash metal! Check out the song and then you can marvel at the fact that they are still on MySpace here.

A killer mix of Big Four love with a beefy modern production offers us the massive thrash attack known as REVTEND. These Portuguese metal monsters hook the listener with both e-string gallops and chugging riffs under Pedro Henriques's Hetfield-esque vocal delivery. The professional sounding, crisp recording makes the music rage all the better.

Check out the tunes below and click here for some Facebook action.

Armed with a contemporary sound of stripped-down thrash metal, Romania's REZISTOR is set to spread their name by offering up their new album Beware the Silent as a FREE download. Not a bad deal at all for those interested in simple but effective riffage that at times bring to mind the furious punch of early Fear Factory.

Check out the song, hit their Facebook page, and then go here to download Rezistor's album for FREE!


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