Friday, September 9, 2011

Assaulter ROCKS!

With song titles such as "Crushed By a Raging Mosh", "Thrash Assault", and "BEER!!!", Italy's ASSAUTER is definitely a fun time to be had by all.

I'm sure the Serious Metal Only guys out there are rolling their eyes, but they are missing out because Assaulter's music is anything but goofy. Their hammering riffs are furious exercises in aggressive speed and mosh-making mayhem.

Along with the excellent guitar work, the face-ripping vocals and frenzied drumming collide to crank out some pure, fist clenching thrash freaking' METAL.

Not to say that Assaulter's music is pure insanity for the sake of insanity. The dynamics throughout the songs show a band of metal musicians who can express their ideas of what constitutes killer thrash metal, and serve it as a bludgeoning hammer to the face.

Yeah, I love it.

Check out a couple songs below and then Facebook 'em here.

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