Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Shredhead, Legion, Carcinogen, Tramwreck

I love it when every time a band's song is done, I give the computer screen a horns up and audibly state, "That was f**kin' KILLER!"

So it went while checking out tunes from Israel's SHREDHEAD. I found these guys while surfing around Bandcamp, and was taken aback by their ruthlessly catchy riffs, tight playing, and searing vocals. The music comes off as a more complex brand of crossover, leaning more heavily into vicious speedy thrash. Perfect for splitting' heads in the pit!

Give them a listen, Facebook them here, and if you like the tunes, buy from them here.

Texas has so many newer monstrous thrash bands that they are head-to-head with the Chicago area for the amount of quality upstarts hammering out some kick ass U.S. metal.

Houston's LEGION is somewhere near the top of the pack, cranking out some harsh metal that has a heart inside its armor of tank-like destruction. I don't mean "heart" as in ballad-y emo tears of wussface. No, the heart comes from the passion heard in Legion's music which would definitely cause involuntary spasms of mayhem in the pit.

The dynamics balanced between the rolling riffs and rigorous drumming is a headbanger's paradise. Songs such as Pacifist move effortlessly from an onslaught of fiery riffs to a well-placed chunky stomp that have the impact of a wrecking ball.

Listen below and then head over to Facebook to offer them your support.



Moving over to the death side of metal, we have New York's CARCINOGEN. Taking cues from the harsh end of the thrash genre, Carcinogen offers up solid death metal without the blistering confusion of some of the more br00tal brethren. The Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse influences shine through as do their love for Slayer and Exhorder, which gives the listener a nice balance of headbanging with the brutality.

Bottom line is that Carcinogen plays some crushing freaking death metal and they play it well. Good? Good.

Check out Unholy Aggression and then hit 'em up on Facebook.

Now it's time to have sustain some injuries with Sweden's TRAMWRECK! This group slams with a gruff mix of classic hardcore, thrash and punk that is as mean as it is fun. The riffs are simple and chunky, moving the songs from explosive Exploited-like charges to thrash-soaked stomps. Just by listening to their song, one can tell that Tramwreck would be an awesome experience live. Bring your headgear!

Listen below and then make the move to their Facebook page here! POWER VOMIT!


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