Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting high on the face-breaking punk/thrash of HI-GH!

As a fan of the raw punk and thrash attack of Itaily’s VIOLENTOR, it’s no wonder why I instantly fell for the rumble and roll of HI-GH.

Yeah, these guys harness enough raw power to kill an elephant, grinding away at teeth-shattering punk and speed metal riffage mixed with head banging rhythms and venomous vocals. At times, with the use of dynamic repetition in their riffs and with vocalist Tommaso Slowly’s in-your-face performance, HI-GH sounds like a speed/thrash-based, less industrial Ministry on steroids (Check out the end to 'HI-GH (Can You Roll It For Me)'). All this is in wonderful contrast to some of HI-GH’s more, shall we say, soulful guitar work, showing a bit of love for their 70s metal influences.

Catchy and pissed, THIS is thrash ’n’ roll at it’s best! Give HI-GH a listen below and then check out their Facebook page here.

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