Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Although I am frequently updating the NWOTM Blog’s Facebook page, I’ve been keeping this site dark until I can devote some time toward its redesign. However, a feller by the name of Aldo posted the name “EXALOUD” on the afore-mentioned Facebook page, and possessing such a curious soul, I looked these guys up online.

Needless to say, I found Exaloud, and so here I am dusting off the NWOTM Blog to brag about the extreme ass-kicking these Russian based thrashers delivered to me. MY GOD!!!!

However, before my well needed ass-kicking, during my research I found a handful of live videos of Exaloud performing a mass of Metallica cover tunes. Not bad, but not knowing anything about these guys, I thought they were simply a local cover band with maybe a couple mediocre originals thrown in for fun.

Was I in for a rude awakening!

Their name led me to a nondescript Facebook page as well as a Russian social media page (which I cannot read). So I still had zero info on these guys, but I was eventually led to their Soundcloud page, and this is where the thrash heavens opened up.

What I found were eleven songs of riff-laden aggression. Thrash metal that could easily rival the best of ‘em. While one could hear the old-school Metallica/Megadeth worship in these tunes (LOTS of Mustaine-driven bad-assery), Exaloud took these influences and breathed new life in the genre, creating a batch of songs that are vibrant and hungry.

The dynamics to each tune are pure ear candy, and the solos (as well as the rhythms under them) become living beasts, standing out as vital parts to the song structure.

I must make mention again of the riffs throughout - all tight, catchy, and damn near perfect. I would pick out a highlight, but since I am still digesting these marvelous tunes, I can’t pinpoint a favorite. I can only say that I would be hard-pressed to find any filler within these eleven songs.

Exaloud is a triumphant step up for the New Wave of Thrash Metal and if there is justice in the world, the band will eventually rake in legions of fans to savor what they have to offer. I hope this little write-up can help in the slightest.

Check out all eleven tracks below!! YEAH!!!!

Thanks, Aldo!!!


  1. Damn thanks man! Very impressive words, almost shed a tear ;D I wonder how could you find us, but this is just great!

    Max from Exaloud (drums).

  2. I necessarily will contact you, after we get new album or demo. YEAH!! :)


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