Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tacit Fury ROCKS!

I was going to add a small Facebook post about Russia’s death metal machine TACIT FURY, but as I jammed out to their recent album “A Social Berserker”, I came to the conclusion that a couple meager sentences wouldn’t do these guys justice.

So once again I’ve dusted off the Blog to make some verbal noise for a band that needs to be heard past the limitations of a ‘non-boosted’ Facebook post.

First and foremost, Tacit Fury knows dynamics, and the three-piece will work the riffs and drums together for maximum neck-injury impact. They utilize frenzied rhythms, mid-paced head-chuggers, and the occasional blast beat to offer variety to the listener.  Songs such as Release the Lions, Chronology Bleached, and Overblade work these song-writing tools to build a catastrophic catalog of face-pummeling perfection.

Those of you not keen on the death metal style of vocals should still give Tacit Fury a try. Although the music is good enough to overshadow some peoples’ taste in the vocals, I couldn’t imagine these tunes fronted with any other type of delivery. Although many death metal vocalists can sound similar, there are indeed both “good” and “terrible” death metal vocalists, and Fury’s frontman Enoth is damn good at what he does.

Check out the tunes below, and if you dig ‘em as much as I think you will, the $3 asking price for a 12-track album is a damn good deal. As a side note, they have made their "Horrors From Depth" release available as a FREE download here.

Hit them up on Facebook here.

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