Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Testimony, Toxifix, Insane, Armament, and Besegra

As I was preparing another Thrashline post, I realized I had a few new bands in there that actually warranted a Weekend Breakdown post. After all, it is the weekend. So I decided to make everything alright in this world and offer up...

Chicago area band TESTIMONY jam out killer prog-leaning thrash, centering more on a good metal ass-kicking than high-brow wankery. With their EP Transcending Reality, Testimony grab the listener and rock with interesting dynamics and killer musicianship. Although the songs are not quickie stompers (they range from five to over seven minutes each), fans of intricate and speedy riffs will never get bored.

Check out the song below and then keep an eye on their Facebook page for news on the official release of Transcending Reality.

Another notch in the killer metal scene in Texas is Dallas's TOXIFIX. With influences ranging from thrash, death, and blackened thrash, Toxifix hammers with a winding punch of insane riffs and sick vocals. Their album, titled Rise From the Ashes, sounds raw (in a good way) and although the weird vocal effect might turn off some listeners, I feel it adds a layer of intensity to the music - especially in the song Gravedigger.

If this sounds good to you, then GREAT! Because these crazy metalheads are offering their songs as a FREE download! FREE THRASH!

Thank them by liking their Facebook page.



Old-freakin'-school! I know, most of the bands I feature on this blog have that sound, but Sweden's INSANE boast a warm mix of thrash and traditional metal that sounds like it should only be played on scratched-up vinyl and 3rd generation tape trades. This is metal you can sink into, sprout a pair of iron balls, and aggressively pound thy head and fist. Cool riffs and bad-ass solos abound, Insane is an insanely fun listen (see what I did there? I'm so clever).

Check them out below and then check them out here.

Los Angeles metalers ARMAMENT are streaming their Metal Anarchy EP now! Two of the songs, Fight and Paranoia of Conspiracy are available as a free download. Armament cranks out some killer thrash with a vocalist reminds me a bit of Mike Muir, although not so much in voice as in vocal lines and patterns. The last minute to their song Paranoia of Conspiracy is a non-stop pit-inducing thrasher! Check 'em out!

To download the tunes or get a copy of their EP, hit them up on Facebook here.


Looking for even more free thrash? Of course! Canadian deathrashers BESEGRA have three songs (including one "unedited" instrumental) available as a free download. Besegra streams together energetic, melodic and brutal riffs to help further damage your hearing. The main riff to Slaughterhouse is killer! My only compliant is that the vocals are a bit overbearing in the mix, usurping some of the riffage power. Other than that, I'm digging these guys.

Listen below and hit them up on Facebook here to snatch up their songs.



  1. I love Toxifix! Those guys are so bad ass to us! Nicest dudes ever!

    Also! Testimony was easily one of the coolest bands I saw on tour! I just wish more people would have been there to see them!

    Brutal Ben

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