Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thrashline: Disposable, Invection, RedMist Destruction review, and more!

It's been over a week since my last post, so I am combining the Thrashline post with the Weekend Breakdown post. Below, you'll get your fill of both news bits and killer new bands you may not yet have heard.

So let's gear up for this week's

• Scotland's DISPOSABLE have a killer 3-song EP titled The Disposable EP available as a free download here. Some of you may be thinking, "Who?" Well, now that you know the name and where you can snatch up their tunes, check out Disposable's brand of galloping, neck-thrashing METAL! No matter what you think of these guys, there is no way you can't move when they kick into their mid-tempo chug-a-thons. Quality stuff here, my friends. For freaking' FREE!!


• Australian metal men 4ARM have signed a world-wide record deal with RISING RECORDS! I'm excited to see that 4ARM's music will be easily accessible to those outside of their country. Also, I'm hoping that such a deal will result in a U.S. tour (HA! It's always about me, isn't it?).

Anyway, check out their band profile on the Rising Records website! Nice!

• Let's keep our feet firmly planted in Australia for another moment. Sydney's thrash metallers HEAD IN A JAR have recently released their 4 song EP titled Atomic Circus. The album is pure aggressive fun, and damn, it sounds good! One of my favorites is Judge Mental with its rolling riffage that could make a dead man move. Give it a listen below, buy their Atomic Circus on iTunes, and then hit them up on Facebook.


• It's been a long road, but now California's INVECTION will finally be releasing their debut album on Nov 15th through Stormspell Records. Get a taste of Facet of Aberration with the song sample below. Yes, it kicks ass. Infinity.

Two Faced Lie by Invection

LICH KING released a video of Mr. Rob recording a solo for for the song Agnosticism which should be on their upcoming album Born of the Bomb. His finger styling appear as Rob may have an old-school Dexterity stat of at least 17. Since he plays in Lich King, he has a Constitution of 18 and Charisma of…I dunno…8?


• Sweden's PARANORM have offered up their new six-song album titled Pandemonium's Rise as a FREE download. Paranorm play straight-forward thrash with hints of progressive elements, traditional metal, and melody to mix with the harsh vocals. Killer! Listen below and check them out here.

Aggressive Inhibitions by Paranorm on Grooveshark


RedMist Destruction is on the verge of unleashing their new album Nobility in Death onto the public, and I have been lucky enough to hear it. Nobility is a killer album full of punchy, memorable riffs, gruff vocals, and dynamic song structures. RedMist Destruction plays thrash that truly embraces its raw punk roots, blending crossover with a crushing, and at times melodic, modern thrash stomp.

The musicianship is in top form, with parts of each song containing what are essentially mini-epics of dynamic valleys and peaks. Nobility in Death is an album that towers high in its achievements of catchy aggression, speed, twisting riffs, melody, and hard galloping crunch. RedMist Destruction recorded one hell of a metal album.

Stay tuned, because you'll want to pick this one up.

• HELLsingborg troublemakers SIX IN LINE have a new song streaming titled Plata o Plomo. As with the past 6iL tunes, this one rocks just as hard, if not more. I have stated in the past that their tunes bring to mind a thrashier version of the band Scissorfight, and Plata o Plomo is no exception. This is not to say that 6iL are mired down as a knock-off band by any means. Similarities to possible influences be damned, because these guys definitely rock with their own sound. It's punk influenced grime thrash with mid-tempo punch, and the crazy off-kilter riffs make 6iL tunes kick that much more ass.

By the way - for some reason, every time I listen to Plata o Plomo, the gang vocals at the 31 second mark always manage to scare the living sh*t out of me. I swear I jump every time.


• Speaking of punk-infused gutter thrash (and I mean that in the highest regard), our friends in SPEEDB‪OOZER have posted a couple more new songs.‬ These tunes are raw as hell, but just try not to slam around to the thrash 'n' roll riffage of the tune Metal Punk. Hell, yeah! This tune was built for the live show, man! Crude, rude and completely unwashed - I love this stuff!


• Here's a quick plug for all you old-school death metal fans. Give Wittier, CA's own SKELETAL REMAINS a look. Good, heavy tunes and a vocalist that reminds me of a cross between John Tardy and Rodney Dunsmore of Devastation. Killer!


• Another young band out of California is VENGENCE. These guys jam out aggressively evil thrash. Vengence hammer out some thunderous riffs, all wrapped around some stellar songwriting. Check out their tunes below and then hit them up on Facebook here.


• What's this? VINDICATOR released a new demo track! Is it everything you've been wait for? Of course! Hit play below and thrash it up!

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