Monday, November 21, 2011

Dead Head ROCKS!

You know, it happen to the best of us…meaning me. I come across a band that I've never heard and think, "Wow! Cool new band!"

So after listing to a couple tunes, if I'm really interested, I might try to dig up more info on the band.

Then it comes to light that the "cool new band" actually formed around 22 years ago.

Such was the case when I recently discovered Holland's own Dead Head.

I know, I know. Some of you out there are saying, "You've never heard of Dead Head?!"

No, I never heard of Dead Head - that is, not until I stumbled upon their Bandcamp page. Like I said: it happens to the best of us. So thank God for Bandcamp!

Anyway, now that I know the name of Dead Head, I should at least offer penance of my ignorance by giving them a big fat plug here on the NWOTM Blog.

The first song I heard from these guys is the blistering thrash track titled Firegate off their Depression Tank album.

The tune features vocalist Ralph de Boer, who boasts a killer set of pipes. Boer guides us through the chaos of Dead Head's frantic riffs with commanding form that brings to mind the savagery of Sadus and Demolition Hammer.

The music itself is relentless and cut throat. As someone who is not familiar with Dead Head's early recordings, I can completely understand why I was mistaken into thinking these guys were a new band. They sound f**king HUNGRY. If after over 20 years of cranking out thrash they can still put out something that is this fresh sounding, then I can't wait to dive into their past releases.

Check out Firegate below, and then go to their Bandcamp page to download it for free. Facebook them here and then bookmark their web site.


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