Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Thrashed. Better late than never.

I finally - finally - bought Get Thrashed on DVD. I am ridiculously behind the times here, but it was worth the wait.

Get Thrashed is a freaking love letter to thrash. For fans of thrash, new and old, this documentary really lets you become engulfed into the world of METAL. The interviews, live footage and trivia bits are treasures to behold.

I also loved the bonus features, which basically served as a companion film to Get Thrashed. The bonus footage covers SO MANY thrash bands within an hour and a half (or so) that it seems like an overload of information.

What is noticable to the point of distraction is the complete lack of music to be heard during the bonus footage. I figure that the rights were not secured for the bonus scenes, which is too bad, considering the the footage covered obscure bands like Assassin as well as killer established acts like Nuclear Assault. I wanna see more more MORE!

Now, I hope that the director will consider making a sequel covering the resurgence of thrash with interviews and live footage of the various NWOTM bands. It would make for a nice bookend (although hopefully not THE end) of the thrash movement.

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