Sunday, February 27, 2011

Demiricous have new tunes! Demo release show!

This is old news for some folks, but since I freaking love Demiricous, I thought I would go ahead and pimp the news of their upcoming show.

Fans of the band should know that Demiricous have been working on new material. They will unleash the sonic beast on March 10th, a demo release concert at the Vollrath Tavern in Indianapolis.

Demiricous will play with Master, Lightning Swords of Death, Mobile Deathcamp, and Nak'ay.

I'm anxious to hear the new stuff. Their first two releases of blistering and uncompromising death/thrash should have put them at the top of the NWOTM. Let's hope they can snag a new deal and get them on the road!!

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