Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Breakdown featuring Necroriser and Space Chaser

I've been gone a while, and although I am still on my extended break from blogging, I found a little extra time this evening... let me stick my forehead-bruised noggin up from the dark just long enough for it to get kicked clean off my neck by some face-shattering METAL!

First, check out the outright brutal deathrash of the London based band NECRORISER. These guys slam together killer old-school thrash hooks with the browbeating insanity of grave digging death metal. Necroriser headlocks the listener with furiously heavy riffs that march along the fretboard like an army of sledgehammer-wielding zombies. That's right. The combination of headbanging chug and hammering speed make for a blissful savaging of the eardrums.

Check out the band's most recent release "Violent" below and hit the band up here.

I mentioned SPACE CHASER on my Facebook page a while back, meaning to eventually give the Berlin based band some NWOTM Blog-love in the future.

I love their sound, which seems to have a bit of Gama Bomb worship mixed with the punch of U.S. bi-coastal thrash influences. The riffs are both frantic and catchy, hooking the ear before attacking with a speedy head-battering. Vocalist Siegfried Rudzynski offers a lot of charisma in his delivery, going from clean to rough to high-pitched, all working well alongside the dynamics of the music.

Jam out to the tunes below and if you like 'em, go tell Space Chaser how much they kick ass on their Facebook page. Bands like that, I reckon.

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