Thursday, September 19, 2013

A great time for thrash fans! New stuff from Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, and more!

The past couple of weeks have been good for thrash fans! We find ourselves swimming in newly released material from Toxic Holocaust, lyric videos from Warbringer and Onslaught, and a full music vid from the mighty Annihilator.

The tune from Toxic Holocaust sounds vicious and hungry, assuring that the new album Chemistry of Consciousness is going to be a monster. 

The same could easily be said about Warbringer's track Hunter Seeker. A hard-hitting thrasher with sweeps of brutally melodic touches. Keep in mind that the new album 'IV: Empires Collapse' includes guitarist Jeff Potts and bassist Ben Mottsman, plucked from the raging bad-ass machine known as Mantic Ritual. This album will crush!

Onslaught's Chaos Is King is truly a wall of sonic violence. An absolute relentless attack of metal. It doesn't get scarier than this.

Annihilator's No Way Out is a rolling thrash tune with elements of hard rock that echo the rockin' stomp of Clutch (and I'm not saying that just because vocalist Dave Padden is sporting the thick Neil Fallon beard). Great tune!

Anyway, enough babbling! Let's scroll down and check out some killer METAL!!


  1. You forgot to mention this beast:

  2. Woah................. That is a good dose of New Thrash that any Lenny would be proud of. The Onsalught sounds the best of the bunch, but really I don't see a weakest link. T.H., brutal as ever, Warbringer, with the Mantic Ritual addition, well it only adds to the chaos. Love it. Annihilator sounds exactly like it came out of the early 90's, which is good, I'm immpressed the singer can play and sing the songs at the same time. (though his vocals are not great, they don't suck, but they're just missing something?)

    Oh ya, that new Death Angel, sounds really good. It's got a bit of a more chunky sound to it than any of their other releases. I was a bit dissapointed until just after a minute into the song the speed kicked in, the chorus is mint with the slower riff, and it's heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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