Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GrimWolf is pure werewolf METAL!

California's GrimWolf are described as "Pure American Werewolf Metal"! Werewolf metal? Hey, man, I can get on board, especially when the music is this beastly and aggressive.

As a horror movie fan, I was initially intrigued by GrimWolf's take on werewolves and how they plug the subject into most of their songs (Lycanthrope, Becoming the Beast, Little Red, etc.). Of course any band's cool gimmick has to be backed up by killer tunes, and thankfully GrimWolf provides ass-kicking ear sustenance as well.

GrimWolf hits hard with a solid heavy rock foundation, raging with melodic and occasional southern-tinged riffage. They add in heavy doses of thrash and death metal to create a savage climate for the listener to roam through - preferably under the light of a full moon.

With a seamless combination of old-school and modern thrash influences, the assault of GrimWolf's straight-forward chugging riffs are undeniably heavy as hell, and the when they break into melodic twists, killer solos, and traditional metal overtones, it all comes together into a monster of well-written metal.

Check out the tunes below and hit GrimWolf up here and here.


  1. Hell yes... This album is beefy, heavy, with sprinkles of sharp cheddar and glaze!

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is very good. The vocals are great, extremely heavy and distorted, but yet understandable. The guitar riffs are a blend of thrash and DM, with a lot of catchiness to them. This is an awesome find man!!!! Thanks for doing the work. Now when I get this, I'll have to share my ears between this and Lich King!!

  3. Jaason -- I'd love to see a showdown between a Lich King and a werewolf (GrimWolf in this case). Anyway, I'm glad you dig these guys!


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