Friday, October 19, 2012

Essence wins Rock the Nations Awards 2012!

A mammoth congratulations to Danish thrashers ESSENCE for winning the Rock the Nations Awards 2012.

Why is this a big deal? Hell, it's more than your average bar-band battle of the bands gig. As the winner, Essence earned a worldwide record deal with Noise Art records as well as a booking contract with Rock the Nation.

Bad ass! As a huge, huge fan of their Ultimhate debut Lost in Violence, I couldn't be more excited. Apparently, Essence's new album is already in the can and will be released in early 2013!

Here's hoping these fortunate circumstances offer the band a wider reach around the globe, especially for the accessibility of a physical product (I only have my obligately cherished MP3s of the Lost in Violence album). Also, I'm ecstatic about the idea that such a wider reach will bring them to the US.

Oh, yeah!

If you're interested, check out my review of Lost in Violence here as well as my Essence interview here.

Now, for God's sake, please release a sample of the new stuff! NOW!!! Or I can wait. Whatever.


  1. This is pretty good, man, thanks for the tip off

  2. They are my favorite new thrash band. They do everything right. The riffs are beyond catchy. His vocals are sic, thrash at its best. I cannot wait for the 2013 release. It can't come soon enought!! Didn't know you interviewed them. GOnna check that out now!!


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