Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Nuklear Infektion - Weapons of Massive Genocide

Portugal's NUKLEAR INFEKTION have been steadily climbing the ladder of progress to finally hammer out the release of their debut EP Weapons of Massive Genocide.

Flying miles past their previous online teaser releases, the songs are rounded out and full of intense energy. The sound on ...Massive Genocide is raw, complete with clipping drums and a slightly muffled mix, but the quality of the actual songs shines through. If the songs rock this hard through the constraints of a seemingly shoestring recording budget, then you know Nuklear Infektion is on the right path.

The guitar work slams out riffage that includes everything from buzz saw grind (not too far removed from early Swedish death without completely stepping foot into that territory) to finger-flying spider riffs with a hefty technical aspect added. The technical input bolsters the energy already on fiery display throughout each song.

Tio's vocal work is just as brutal as the music, summoning a rage that brings to mind gruff versions of Araya and Kevill.

Songs such as the title track and The Dark Passenger are well-orchestrated primal screams of pent-up aggression, built to shatter bones. This is an unrelenting, pounding thrash assault, pure and simple.

As I mentioned, the quality of the songs burst through the relatively meager production, to the point that the sound of the recording becomes a non-issue after repeated listenings. So yes, Nuklear Infektion are on the right path and it's amazing to think that these guys will just get better from here.

Check out the Weapons of Massive Genocide EP preview video below, and if you're interested in obtaining a copy, hit the band up on their Facebook page.


  1. This is like.... oh potato is equal to potato , so if potato is good, his is good.
    Logic Sucks, like this shit

  2. Aproval system is like Inquisiton , If they say anything bad , the comment shall be burn

  3. Actually, the Approval System waits until I get off work.

  4. Hey! I didn't think you were back until the end of the month!? Coolness.

    I think the bad production is hiding the asskickness of these guys. Great raw sounding Mayhem!

    Also, the above proverbs by Anon are funny, it makes me wonder what else he has in store?? Perhaps Legumes? If said word would have been in the initial post, it would have effectively covered shit and burn. No need for two posts with in 3 minutes. Man Chicken, if it takes you more than 2.5 minutes to approve this comment, I'm gonna start listening to emo!!!!!!


  5. More than MetalMay 1, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    I didn't really like it that much, i find it okay, but a bit ordinary, all songs sound too much the same, despite the dark atmosphere. The riffing is alright, the drums are okay but too repetitive, the voice is alright.

    The production issues didn't seem to be unimportant to me since its got *sound pops*.

    But hey, they can improve yeah, who knows.


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