Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreadfire ROCKS!

I freakin' LOVE it when I pop in an unknown band (unknown to me at least) and from the get-go I have my ass handed to me.

Portuguese thrashers DREADFIRE did just that when I happened upon one of their spams posted on another band's Facebook wall. I went to check out their streaming songs, and after waiting through the obligatory intro track, the opener Face the Storm finally hit.

Holy crap.

One thing that will get me almost every time is a straight forward, mid-paced headbanging riff. Dreadfire piles that on in spades, blowing the doors open with a galloping guitar punch that slams into a full-on thrash attack before hitting that mid-paced sweet spot. Oh, yeah. And when it hits, the head moves.

Now I know I speak a lot about "dynamics" in my comments and reviews of other bands, but if you want to hear how it works to perfection, listen to the aforementioned track Face the Storm. It's an ass-kicking of metal landscapes, adding tiny melodies over the stark, crunchy riffage, and the strategically short, atmospheric measures before the solo kicks the tune back into high gear are genius pieces of headbanging bliss.

Listen to the tracks below, and if you like it, Dreadfire are offering their demo as a free download. Get it here. Hit them up on Facebook here.


  1. Considering this is just their demo CD, imagine when they start making full albums... they have a great future ahead of them.

    Kick ass Metal! It's like Lamb of God made love with Machine Head and Slayer!

  2. I wasn't to sure with the intro song, but the rest of them are killer! Awesome death/thrash......Thanks for the lead, and free B!

  3. Yeah, when Face the Storm kicked in, I flipped out. I love this demo!


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