Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing wrong with the NWOTM staying old-school

Those of us who actually enjoy the flock of of NWOTM bands have heard it over and over again:

These guys weren't even old enough to remember when thrash started! They aren't doing anything new! Quit dressing like it's 1985!

No matter how good the music, how well played, or how awesomely aggressive, the naysayers never run out of elitist venom to spew at the modern thrash torch-bearers.

Well, over at Blabbermouth, someone expressed the above sentiments toward the band Havok. Soon after, a commenter took the words right out of my head with the following:

"I was there and im loving the 'revival' if that's what you want to call it (personally, I never thought thrash/speed metal ever died in the first place). Id rather kids emulating bands like the ones you mentioned above than Korn, Limp Biskit or any of those horrific bands. Funnily enough, these new thrash bands that are coming out are tearing it harder than any of the originators at the moment. Besides, who the fuck are you to tell anyone what to wear, what to listen to or who to sound like? Let the new bands have a shot at playing metal. Im sick of hearing people complain that its 'nothing new' or 'rehashed' yet when Megadeth or Slayer or whoever from the 80s releases a new album, you're the first to complain that it sounds nothing like 'insert their golden era album here'. Sure Metallica haven't released any thing good since 88, actually, most of those bands haven't but here you got kids ripping riffs out that tear ya head off and playing fast enough to break the sound barrier but yet you still complain. Do you actually like thrash/metal or are you just a angry, old, trolling bitch?"

Although I personally wouldn't have been so harsh in my defense (nor do I believe the statement about the mentioned Big Four bands not putting out anything good since 88), but I agree with the premise.

A revival of something so grand is not bad, especially if it's done well (and it is). Also if today's thrash bands are going to emulate anybody, of COURSE it's going to be their idols. Plus, how can you complain about thrash bands wearing jean jackets, tight jeans and high-tops? That's like complaining that country singers wear cowboy hats.

As for complaining that the NWOTM bands aren't doing anything new, well so what? They are playing thrash metal. If I want new elements to my thrash metal, I'll go listen to one of the many metal bands who expanded on the thrash sound (Machine Head, Pantera, Hatebreed, Demon Hunter).

So I say keep cranking out the old-school influenced tunes, because cutting through a vocal minority of "purists" are the supporters who love it.


  1. Amen! I completly agree. And theres so many new bands. Check out my channel on youtube if your looking for new ones.

    Keep up the good work man

  2. Thanks! I did check out your channel and caught a few bands I haven't heard. Good stuff.


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