Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kublai Kahn ROCKS!

I love doing research on old school thrash bands because it is inevitable that I will find something of which I've never heard. It's a bonus if I love the music as well.

Well, I just came across the band Kublai Kahn on one of the various metal blogs and I want to slightly injure myself for never hearing them before.

After streaming a few Kublai Kahn tunes on YouTube, I had to hit my blog and post this vid:

From their one and only album Annihilation (1987). Killer speed/thrash in the Kill 'Em All/Killing's My Business vein. Plus, their vocalist Greg Handevidt has some of the absolute best pipes for this type of music.

Nothing much more to say except KAAAAAAAAHHHHN!!!!!


  1. It's Kublai KHAN, you bitch. learn to write.

  2. Ha, yeah. I screwed that one up throughout the entire write-up. I SHOULD go learn to write.


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