Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Breakdown: Besieged and Leech

Brutal, brutal, BRUTAL. Winnipeg's BESIEGED hit that sickening sweet spot of kick-ass death-tinged thrash metal, making me shake my head in ecstatic disbelief. As I listen to their debut album Victims Beyond All Help, I am blown away by the sheer power of each song, belted out with uncompromising ferocity in attitude as well as musical competence.

Battering my ears with unmercifully fast riffs and bloodthirsty vocals, Besieged brilliantly intertwines the old-school deathrash of early-era Sepultura with the frenzied brutality of Demolition Hammer and Guillotine. Offering no time to catch one's breath, the band's debut storms the listener with thrash metal that sounds fresh as it does violently PISSED…you know, as it should be!

Indie label Unspeakable Axe will reissue Victims Beyond All Help on July 9th (it was previously self-released by the band), and if they can afford the band substantial reach within the metal community, I believe we'll see this album on quite a few "Best Of" lists for 2013.

Damn. Good. Metal.

Listen to the tracks below and then hit them up on Facebook.

LEECH, a New York metal band, utilizes many influences to solidify a sound that is absolutely face-melting. And I love to have my face melted!

The blend of east coast thrash and hardcore is brought to life with a strong injection of crushing Swedish death metal (sans the "buzzsaw" sound). Leech's merging of these genres sounds natural and effortless, resulting in a most brutal ass-kicking.

Vocalist Christian Geraldino fits Leech's musical delivery like a glove, offering up a touch of hardcore rhythms and gang shouts to complement his throaty thrash and death metal vocal assault.

Leech provides music to which a metal fan can positively RAGE. Wanna rage? Good! Check out the tunes below, download 'em for FREE, and then visit Leech here.


  1. I don't understand about Besieged-they reunited or just there album will be released on official label?

    1. From what I understand, they self-released Victims Beyond All Help back in 2010. Unspeakable Axe Records is lucky to scoop this album up and reissue it.

    2. Anonymous - the answer is "both." We're reissuing their 2010 (self-released album), officially due out July 9 but also available now as a pre-sale from me and Dark Descent Records. And also, the band is back together and working on new material for another album - they're forecasting going into the studio in October.

  2. Unspeakable Axe,thanks for the answer. It's a great news!


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