Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Breakdown with Animas and DSMB

Over in Wincher, VA, there be METAL going by the name of ANIMAS. Listening to their new EP titled Blood on the Iron, fans of power thrash will find much to enjoy.  Maiden-esque guitar gallops merge with epic, moody solo sections while vocalist/bassist John Habuda flips from a rough Mustaine-sounding vox to demonic screams.

Most of the music is slow to mid-paced grinding metal, mixing plenty of melody with the aggression, but there are definitely moments of explosive thrash to keep the dynamics popping. The twin guitar work of Kyle Luttrell and Kory Campbell kicks mucho ass, bringing to mind a less frenzied Chris Peterson (of Cellador fame) style - and such, turned a lot of Animas's music into pure ear candy for yours truly.

Give ANIMAS a shot by listening to the tune below and then visit them here.

For a more abrasive direction, let's check out Australia's crossover thrashers DSMB. Their self-titled EP was released last year and I'm pissed that I've only recently discovered these guys.

DSMB's 6-song quick blast of face-shattering crossover first caught my attention with their relentless homage to old-shcool thrash/punk, but then thoroughly kicked my ass with their catchy, slammin' riffage. DSMB show diverse influences all over the thrash map (hints of S.O.D., Slayer, Municipal Waste, and even Vio-lence), but always with a foot planted in the crossover sub genre, helped along with vocalist Boskie's pissed-off and on-target delivery.

Over repeated listenings, I love the self-titled EP more and more. Check out the songs below and then hit up DSMB here where you can download a few of their songs for free, or stream the entire EP here.

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