Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hammer Fight ROCKS!

If you are going to name your band HAMMER FIGHT, you better play like you could bring an ass kicking to a caged gorilla.

Damn if it ain't the truth! Reminiscent of Violentor's one-two punch of rock and thrash and Speedboozer's gutterpunk sensibilities, New Jersey's Hammer Fight slam with a ferocious bludgeoning of whiskey-scarred vocals and balls-out riff rock and metal. As easy as it is to classify Hammer Fight simply as a thrash-rock band, they go far and beyond such a moniker.

When first listening to Hammer Fight, Motorhead comparisons are inevitable, but these guys add burst of well-placed traditional euro-inspired metal to set them apart. Also, while Hammer Fight is not above rocking out to blazing riff chugging, the guitar solos alone display musical chops that align more with Iron Maiden than a typical two-riff punk band.

Now permit me to just use this part of the post to sit in silence and marvel at the riffs Hammer Fight uses to build their absurdly kick-ass tunes.


Holy crap.

The bottom line is this band sounds hungry in their music, making their output as heavy and brutal as an actual freakin' hammer fight. Check out the goodies below and if you like it, you can download their self-titled EP for a measly three bucks! Afterward, hit them up here.


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