Thursday, December 9, 2010

No communication = No classic Sepultura reunion

I recently read on everyone's favorite metal tabloid that Max Cavalera believes that Paulo is the only one holding back a classic SEPULTURA reunion.

Now, before I get into this, let me state that I am a biased man when it comes to the SEPS. ARISE, to me, is a perfect death/thrash album. The song structures, the beauty, the madness...everything about that particular album makes my blood pump, even to this very day, when I listen to it.

I was lucky enough to see SEP on both the Chaos A.D. (with Fear Factory and CLUTCH) and Roots tours. Even after the many concerts I've attended, those SEP shows (particularly the Chaos show) stand out in my memory as highlights in live metal.

After Max left, I caught SEP during their AGAINST tour (with Earth Crisis and...ummmm...Downset? Can't remember). It was a good show, but my attitude toward the so-so Against album and my adoration of the original SEP had me close the door on my once favorite band.

It's none of my business what Andreas and Company wanted to do with the SEP name at the time, but I always thought they should have done what Max did and start over with a new band. SEP had a specific sound and voice, and once the main element was removed, so were those two essential pieces to the band.

I've been a moderate fan of Soulfly, mainly because Max can still write a monster riff, although I do get sick of both the cussing for the sake of cussing as well as the "Jump da fuck UP" type of lyrics. So far, I've seen Soulfly two or three times, and all shows have been excellent.

Now, since Igor has once again joined forces with his brother in Cavalera Conspiracy, it seems the SEP reunion talk has stepped up a bit. Fingers have been pointing all over the place as to who is to blame for not making this happen, but now, according to Max, it's bass player Paulo.

Really? Isn't Newstead free? Geez.

Max says in the interview, "We can do it again, but people should ask Paulo why it doesn't appeal to him."

No, Max. Why don't YOU freaking ask him?? Man, this is probably why a classic SEP reunion will never happen, because of the unbelievable lack of communication. A band needs to be a united force, not guys with their backs turned to one another who only communicate via the PRESS.

I, for one, am all for a classic SEP reunion. Also, I guarantee that nearly every NWOTM band had been influenced one way or another by the Max/Igor/Andreas/Paulo line-up. I believe that a lot of young fans who are just getting into bands like Lazarus A.D., Sworn Amongst, and Mantic Ritual would kill for a chance at seeing SEPULTURA rise again.

Again, I am for a reunion - new material and all - but I can't see this happening if these guys can't even get to the first step of making it a reality: picking up the phone.

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