Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: Kill Ritual, Pentomic, Pessimist, Nadimac, Zombie Fighter

All metal heads need to seek out San Jose's KILL RITUAL! Here we have a brilliant cross of old school thrash meets pure heavy f'n METAL. My GOD this stuff rocks. Truthfully, although their influences are well documented in the music they hammer out, I haven't heard a band hammer it out quite like Kill Ritual.

The riffs are total street, meeting somewhere between a cycle's spinning rubber and the pavement to make that cloud of hellacious smoke, choking out all traces of wimp rock in its wake. It's muscle and power driven metal ramped up with chugging dynamics to make you cuss in delight as you break your freakin' neck.

Vocalist Josh Gibson is a rare breed of aggressive vocalists who could fit in a wide gamut of various heavy music genres, including 80's glam, LA street rock, traditional metal, or balls-out, head banging thrash. Calling Gibson versatile is an understatement, and the fact that this guy has the vocal pipes to send even the most thrashiest thrasher in all of thrashdom vocalists home to cry in their soup kicks KILL RITUAL'S musical cred up quite a few notches.

Listen to their available songs below and then hit them up on Facebook here.

West Phoenix thrashers PENTOMIC claim they are "attempting to mesh all that they like for a more original sound." On most counts they succeed, offering up more than your standard e-string galloping thrash.

Under the thrash and catchy punk-influenced riffs, you can hear waves of stadium rock, groove, and alt metal. Pentomic produces music that rarely loses interest through its journey of hard, heavy, strange, and the utterly fantastic, and fans of various genres of metal should find something to latch onto with this band.

Take heed: Those checking out Pentomic's tunes cannot simply listen to snippets of songs, nor can one listen to only a single song to get this band's whole story.

Listen a couple tunes below. If you dig the music, they made their songs available as a FREE download here. Afterward, if you have a Facebook account, go "like" the band here.

Special thanks goes to Sonni Sørensen for bringing my attention to PESSIMIST. These German thrashers crank out some very cool and catchy thrash metal. Their album Call to War contains some of the most head-moving riffs I've heard in a while (Sons of Satan), combining those with hammering gut punches of aggression (Infernal Death).

Listen to the tunes below and then catch up with them on Facebook.

A couple bands I wanted to mention before I close out of this post:

More than a few of you have been following the Serbian thrash band NADIMAC. These guys have been bringing the speedy thrash/crossover since their demo release in 2007, afterward releasing two full length albums and a slew of  "splits".

Their most recent album Po Kratkom Postupku (try saying that three times fast) came out in 2011 and contains some harsh crossover gems, ripe for your ear-bleeding listening pleasure.

Do I know what these guys are screaming about? Nope, but face-ripping thrash is still face-ripping thrash, no matter the language.

Listen and like!

The mighty ZOMBIE FIGHTER have released the song Beloth, from their upcoming EP titled Run For Your Life! The tune showcases strong songwriting, all packaged in a mass of tight riffs, sick vocals, and bad-ass guitar solos.

Check out Beloth below and then check out Run For Your Life to be released on May 11th.

I still have a ton of other bands to mention. I WILL get them bit by bit over the next few weeks. After that, I'll have even MORE thrash for you all. It'll NEVER end! Thank God!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

- r. lawrence blake

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  1. Thanx for supporting NADIMAC bro !!

    PS: bands first demo is from 2003 :)

    Lyrics are about politics, wars, sarcasm, dark hummor, sects, etc


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